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7 Years and 65 Waterfalls Later

In the fall of 2000, I stopped off the QEW in Grimsby, nestled on the coast of Lake Ontario. I followed signs, which captured my attention, to Beamer Falls. What was only a relatively simple descent down the hill to get to the base of the well flowing cascading waterfall became a much larger journey which has led me to waterfalls from the base of Mount Washington in New Hampshire all the way to Silver Creek Park in the Pacific Northwest. Below you'll see all the places I've gotten waterfall pictures from. You'll notice that some pictures have different qualities than others. This is because I upgraded from a normal 35 mm camera to a nice Minolta SLR. In addition, some of the earlier waterfalls weren't developed and put on CD's... that wasn't common back then. So some pictures are scans I've done myself.

The list of states below will grow, as will the catalogue of waterfalls visited in each state. Be sure to check back periodically.

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